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 LianTaiShan, Cherry blossom viewing

in Spring

Every year during the Chinese New Year, there will always be one  or two days when you don’t know what to do or where to go.

After all, One of the most important reasons,people are everywhere 

Because my grandfather's home in Miaoli,so we have to think about where we can go every year.

These are a few occasions during the Chinese New Year to occasionally pick one to go because it is not in the mountains, but also in the hillside where you can stroll.

The scenery is good when the weather is good. The view is wide~~

A few years ago, a new place was discovered. It was the construction of the LianTaiShan. Only the main hall and the outside trees were used for landscaping. It is basically ready for construction now.

It is located in a high-lying location. The field of vision can be seen far and wide. When the weather is good, the scenery is very comfortable.

Planted with plum blossom and Cherry blossoms, etc. (but i'm really unfamiliar with flowers)

There was a lot people during the holidays or weekends than before. The above parking location was a bit less but still quite suitable to walk around. Take a breath of fresh air away from the city.



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