Taiwan,North Coast Tour Part.1 | A poem on the stone call [Rain]

A poem on the stone call 


Taiwan North Coast is a beautiful coastline

However, I don't have a chance to go through all the coastline .It's usually a pity that we've gone half way and turned around.
 Start front to the end this time!

From Nangang  Expressway to the north coast.

Pass the way through Emerald Bay ,Guihou fishing port (been there two years ago)

 I’m going to go straight to one of the goals this time
There are actually many rest areas on the road where you can stop to see the coastal scenery at that point

It’s so ridiculous that when you pass through a place, you don’t see any one passenger stopping to watch but there’s a
stone,standing there

Curiosity drove down and wondered what it was about!
After all, when people see this kind of thing, the first impression is whether there are any contributing characters or things that will be placed in this position.

Surprisingly it was a poem called [Rain].

『    你聽見了嗎?







一段純淨的詩意    』

It's hard to do chinese to english translation from me.

Quietly read this poem and look up at the sea

Listen to the waves and beat the coast


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