Miaoli,Taiwan-[Tai'an] Bamboo Forest | Secret place,Check in Popular Location

Bamboo Forest, Unusually a large bamboo forest

Recently a very popular attractions in Taian,
The options are not too much when you think about in Taian,
 like Taian Hot Springs - Xishukeng Tofu Street - Shei-Pa National Park!

Especially when my grandfather's home is  nearby , 
I only know these places. I feel strange.

Sometimes people are confined to their living areas 
it is always customary to only activity in some places.

But in fact, even if it is only active in a certain area,
 there is still an unknown place to discover.
This time, I went back to Miaoli and spent a few days only to see 
a bunch of farmland near my home.
Sounds not good idea. Really wanna to go out .

Just after the family mentioned the bamboo forest secret,
i thought of watching a YouTube video before!

[Japanese traveler Ito Chiaki, adventure trip to Taiwan] Describes a Japanese girl 
carrying her 18-kilograms around the end of the fall of 2016 ,
less than 150 centimeters, wame to Taiwan alone,
 and hike around Taiwan for 72 days, more than 1,000 kilometers.

One of the scenes is in the Taian bamboo forest.

Fortunately, Google Maps is still a force to search for the secret of the bamboo forest,
 but there will be a little error
Or if Uchihikoh camping area is nearby, basically it's not a problem.

It is on both sides of the industrial road. The road is about a little wider than a car.
 It is very troublesome to turn the car with a turn. 
Although there is a small area opened by the owner in the middle part, 
it is possible to reverse the car but it is recommended not to drive in.

There is a parking place in front of it and it takes only 2 minutes to get there.
Walk under the bamboo forest, although it is about 100 meters.
Walking slowly Romantic 
Isn't it better to enjoy the atmosphere here?

Because we go on weekdays, Not have a lot  people,
 including us only five cars.
Therefore, there is a feeling of a kind of private field,
i can took photos whatever i want.


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