ZhuoLan,Taiwan-First time experience to picking the small tomato ,bean mama sightseeing farm,super nice weather

 Experience picking the Tomato

The weather is very good in  the third day of  Chinese New Year . I wanna say if I can't go to  walk. around I'm so sorry for the beautiful Sunny day. 

My grandfather's home is  in Miaoli. Every Chinese New Year,We are going back to there with all family.

Someone mention the Lixiping agricultural district, and then decide to go.

Have you ever seen pear tree blossom? ? See for the first time

Later, when we arrived at Mama sightseeing farm, The elder was introduced to us here. The owner was very kind to the reception.,and explained the situation on the side of planting and the variety about tomato. Of course, she finally taught us how to pick the small tomatoes!

Want to eat so much.

Does it look like  a movie scene?

Basically, each row is full of small tomatoes

At last, picked about 7-8 pounds of small tomatoes were taken home and they could be eaten for several days. If you have enough time,  could walk around other area.

Especially when the weather is good, the whole environment is really good.
Not easy to see this in the city.



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