Taipei,Da'an (MRT Dongmen Station) Yongkang Street | Chi Fan Shi Tang-The Taiwan ancient flavor of nostalgia

Yong Kang St-Chi Fan Shi Tang-Lard bibimbap

In the past era of the older generation, the environment was not as good as the modern one and it was in the process of development.
It's not easy to eat pork.They bought pork fat to make lard and take a bit of soy sauce with rice 
Nowadays, because of the health awareness of everyone, eat lard large burden for the body

Not often seen in the restaurant outside.I must say that the taste of lard is really fragrant.When I want to eat occasionally, I go to the Chi Fan Shi Tang.

In fact, I went to eat lard bibimbap for twice times that month(a sense of guilt)
This restaurant supplies meal quickly, so it has a high table turnover rate.
Waiting in line will not be too long time.
At the door, the service staff will help you to order food first and guide you to the seat.
There are pictures menu to see, so it is also suitable for foreign friends.

Sesame oil Matsusaka pork 

In addition to lard bibimbap, there are also braised pork rice.
Braised pork is different from most of the restaurants outside. It is a small piece of minced meat. The taste is not very heavy.
It would be nice to put a little more meat.

So I still prefer lard bibimbap here.

Saury in soy sauce  is very tasty,not too salty.
It's perfect to with rice.

A fried pork liver taste that is soft,very fresh,also recommended.
Although it doesn’t seem to be a lot, it’s actually more than enough for three people to eat.
Just enough.Not eat too much.
I haven’t encountered a big difference in the taste of the meal. Basically, the meal are ok.



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