Mount Tai,Shandong - First time Backpacker in China, Part Three

Mount Tai-ranks No.1 among the five most important mountains in China


When I was learning Chinese geography in the past,must  heard  the five great mountains in China.

東岳 The Eastern Mountain—— 泰山 Mount Tai;

南嶽 The Southern Mountain——衡山 Mount Heng in the South;

  西嶽 The Western Mountain——華山 Mount Hua ;

  北岳 The Northern Mountain—— 恆山 Mount Heng in the North;

  中岳 The Central Mountain——嵩山 Mount Song

All of them are famous,nobody don't know.
But in fact, at the end , what I remember most is Mount Tai.
In the last Blog Taian, Shandong, there was a small part of it. 
In my mind,Mount Tai is more famous than Taian.

Climging Tai Shan has several routes to choose from, so we are taking the most classic route Red Gate route.

Red route: 

It is the main mountaineering route from ancient to nowadays and also the special way for emperors ascending Mount Tai. Along the way, thriving ancient trees stand upright on both sides; stone stairs convolute around the mountain, summits appears various views and springs flush through the rocks. The natural wonders are splendid and historic sites with lasting appeal of traditional culture scatter on the way. There are 8 ancient temples, more than 200 pieces of steles or stone tablets and more than 300 pieces of Peak Cliff Steles.

The route from Dai Temple to Red Gate to Summit of Mount Tai is an old and traditional route. It begins from Yaocan Pavilion and ends to Summit of Mount Tai, where the culture relic and natural landscape introject together along sides of the seven thousand stairs and is believed as the prime of Mount Tai.

The last stretch of the stairway from Zhongtian Gate to the peak of the Mount Tai is the best essence of the whole scenic area of Mount Tai. You will feel the shock of heart when you appreciate the majestic vigor, beautiful scenery and immemorial relic.

If you only have limited time, you could climb to Zhongtian Gate then arrive to the peak of Mount Tai by cableway in 7 minutes just like “have a skyrocketing rising”.

Through thousands of years of construction, this route is now a rather perfect route of touring. The stairs are solid and neat with temples on both sides repaired regularly and clear inscriptions, precious ancient trees wearing nameplates, clear creeks. And if you feel tired, you could come into one of tea shops or bars for a rest then you will be refreshed and then have no fatigue.  Mount Tai China

This route is a classic route that is recommended for people who come to Taishan for the first time.

However, if you want to take this route, your physical strength should be very good. It takes an estimated 5-6 hours to complete

Scenery along the way

Looking up at Zhongtian Gate, the moving cable car emerged
In fact, the current situation is very tangled to thought  continue to go straight to the Top, because  I do not know when i will come back again.

We must rush back to Jinan that day.We worry that it will be too late for us to take such a time. After actually going up to the top of the mountain, we still have a lot of journeys

The seasonal season is better for spring and autumn. When I go to summer
Physical loss during climbing is faster and really hot!

The next article is the summit........


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