Mount Tai,Shandong - First time Backpacker in China, Part Four

Climbling to Top of Mount Tai-Jade Emperor Temple


Before [Shandong | Taishan] BLOG, the article only reached Zhongtian Gate. It was about the middle of Taishan Mountain.

If you can't really climb those routes,

You can ride directly to Zhongtian gate and take the cable car directly to Nantian gate

However, it is recommended that you can go for a while, even if you do not start from the red gate.
You can also walk from Zhongtian Gate to Nantianmen

After all, the scenery along the road is part of Mount Tai.

Each section of the scenery is worth watching, otherwise there will be regrets
Top of Mount Tai-1545M

After you boarded Nantian gate, it was officially started.

Look down from Nantian gate

Although it will be a little easier to go down, but the burden on the knee will be more serious, be careful to protect

The highest point in front of it is the top of Mount Tai - Jade Emperor

There is also a place to stay on Mount Tai. If you want to see the sunrise, you can also consider living on it.
Otherwise live in Tai’an city is also very convenient

There was a lot of store above Taishan , but here the consumer price will be high than downtown.

Jade Emperor Summit

The emperors of ancient China came to Jade Emperor Summit to offer sacrifices to heaven, and pay homage to all mountain gods. The main peak of Mt. Tai, Jade Emperor Summit, also known as Heavenly Pillar Peak, was named after Jade Emperor Temple. To the east of the temple stands Sun Watching Pavilion, where you can watch the red sun rising from the east. To the west, there is River Overlooking Pavilion, where you can appreciate sunset glow, the golden Yellow River, a sea of clouds, And jade plates.

I forgot what the building was opposite

Taiwan temple supported to rebuild  here

After the completion of Mount Tai, I felt that the ancient poet said it was true.It is very cool to say it directly. Although it is more commercialized now, it will eliminate modern architecture and atmosphere.

Take a good look  on top of Mount Tai
In addition to the greatness of nature, imagine that all the emperors of ancient times should board this Mount Tai.I feel like I’m here
That vision and the world have become wide

When you look at them all at your own feet, nothing else is higher than Mount Tai.
Is a worth place to going

Brief Introduction of Mount Tai

Mount Tai locates in the middle part of Shandong province spanning two cities (Tai'an city and Jinan city) with total area of ​​426 square kilometers. Mount Tai was called Daizong (means the principal mountain of China) in ancient time and then was renamed As Mount Tai in Spring and Autumn Dynasty went by the name of Dongyue (the Sacred Mountain of East China) that ranks No.1 among the five most important mountains in China. In 1987, Mount Tai was listed as Cultural and Natural World Heritage site. And honored "World Geopark" in 2006. In China, Mount Tai is among the first group of "National Parks of China", the state 5A-class tourist attraction, the top 10 best National Civilized Spot in China.
    Mount Tai is well known for its spectacular, grandness, elevation, width, steadiness and massiness. The typical character of natural scenery of Mount Tai is imposing, steepy, surprising, serene, secluded, profound, and spacious. The picturesque of the Mount Tai Has various sceneries like cragged cliff, deep canyon and gorge, grotesque peak and strange rocks, luxuriant vegetation and the flowing springs and twittering birds.... The mountain also has the unique marvelous wonders: the rising sun at dawn, the jade plate of sea of Clouds, the aura appearing around Bixia Temple, rosy clouds at sunset etc.

    Since ancient time, Mount Tai is recognized as holy and sacred Mountain and held the accolade as “Most Revered of the Five Sacred Mountains”. , Mount Tai symbolized the peaceful life and unified country. Four thousands of years, more than a dozen emperors Paid their homage to the mountain. Vast quantities of poetry and stone inscriptions were left by emperors, poets and scholars of every era. Confucians and Taoists coexist harmoniously the the mountain. And civilians worshiped the mountain with sincere esteem. In other words, the Mount Tai are has the symbol of Chinese spirit. There are also peculiar geologic structures as three grand fracture layers, Komatiite rocks and Zuixin Stone (a swirl shaped allgovite rocks); masterpieces of ancient constructions as Dai Temple, Nantian Gate, Bi Xia temple; precious Stone inscriptions of past dynasties as Qin dynasty stone inscriptions, inscriptions rocks of the Diamond Sutra, cliffs with inscriptions of Tang dynasty; ancient t Rees like pine trees of Qin Dynasty, cypress of Han Dynasty (about 1800 years ago), locust tree of Tang Dynasty(about 1200 years ago). All the above syncretize and abstract nature scenery and human culture. 7000 stone stairs which runs 9 kilometers Long through the mountain from the foot to the zenith looks like the axes of Mount Tai integrated earth, heaven and human as a whole and thus is a road for human beings to heaven. Because of the unique integration of human civilization and natural landscape, Mount Tai is respected by billions of Chinese people and becomes famous all over the world as well as treasurable heritage of panhuman.


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