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Linshan Cape Recreation Area and Baisha Bay

Baisha Bay in summer is considered to be one of the best places to play in northern Taiwan.I don’t like water very much.
(except to see ..........the sea and the beach)

In recent years, it has basically been a warm winter. It didn’t even feel that winter was over.
When I went to the north coast at the end of April, I began to feel that I was hot.
supplement vitamin D ~ ~ haha

the blue sky and white clouds and the sea

Go down to Baisha Bay

Although I didn't go on, not touched the sand, but I found it very comfortable to see the color.
If you really have the opportunity in summer, 
you should come again.
Taiwan is surrounded by water, and there are several well-known beach and sand beaches that are really good.

Will not lose to some foreign beaches
A lot of support and understanding of local Taiwanese places
Of course, it still needs the maintenance of the users together to maintain their beauty.

Linshan Cape Recreation Area

The heavily-veined andesite rocks at Linshan Cape were formed by volcanic lava and cut by waves and monsoons over the years, with sharp edges on the surface cut by winds from different directions.
 The reefs are one of the unique attractions at Linshan Cape. The covering of living algae and the thin calcareous layers formed by dead algae on the surface of the rocks combine to shape an exceptional natural beauty.

Baisha Bay

Baisha Bay encompasses an half-moon shaped beach of 1 kilometer long and part of Taiwan Strait. The bike path at the beach is the most-loved spot for sight-seeing.
 Regarded as the best place for relaxing, sea-watching and having fun with water sports and sand sculpting, Baisha Bay is attracting increasing visitors during summer time of passing years.


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