[One Person Diary]Taichung National theater,Taiwan | Designed by Japanese architect Toyo Ito

Taichung National Theater,Taiwan

A Stunning world of 21st century cultural facilities

One person walk alone not because of lonely.
Sometimes it's a time for one person to see and think different.

The Taichung National Theater is a place,I really want to see. If I don’t normally want to go to a show and listen to a performance, why would I want to go to the theater? !

Look at the news presentation or the online picture. It's still not the same as the design you see on the spot. I'm still not in the outside.

Look up and there will be surprises

The first floor on the Grand Theatre

The first floor of the cultural and creative counter in the corner,You can DIY music box.

 Sky Garden Sixth Floor 

You can see the new building nearby 

Fifth floor

Fifth floor exhibition hall

2nd floor stairs leading to the 5th floor

Stairs looking toward the front door fountain

First Floor Cafe shop, Enjoy a relaxing time with a cup of coffee in good weather.

The arts are generally not familiar with me. After all, I have no artistic talent. In fact, anything can be beautiful! A similar picture Everyone can tell different explanations.
I am always very curious about these unknown designs and styling. I may not be able to describe them as some masters do, but it is really good.
It is worth visiting here, especially if there are not many people on weekdays.

This building doesn't just host operas; it is an opera!

Toyo Ito pondered that if the natural world is constantly changing, and every living thing never stops changing, then why is it that buildings never change?

"I am always searching for a building which is something like a ripple on a river-- one that can follow the river's currents but maintain its own spatial integrity."

Because of this thought, Toyo Ito broke all traditional concert hall rules of sealed structures, creating a theater composed almost completely of curved walls. The walls flow into the ceilings with no clear boundaries dividing them. In fact, the entire space flows without boundaries, allowing the venue to host nearly any type of event.

The theater is like whirlpool in central Taiwan, the crowds striving for a cosmopolitan flavor will be attracted and flow inwards, causing the arts to seep into every corner of the city.
Also because of its special construction, Toyo Ito described this building as one you use your ears to listen to. Accompanied by the theater's natural lighting which constantly changes, when you walk through the theater you hear different sounds, producing unique sensations.

This building is not just being used for opera, the building itself is an opera. Enter the hall, and you begin a transformative journey through this ingeniously-designed opera.

The venue has six stories, featuring the Grand Theater, Playhouse, a magical Sky Garden and a shopping center. On the second basement level there are Black Box, Rehearsal Rooms, and a mechanical room. Outdoors there are a fountain, Outdoor Plaza and Outdoor Theater.
From the outside you can view the curved, concrete walls and glass screens which majestically adorn the building. This "Teapot Residence" shape is a metaphor, for all who enter the theater will be intoxicated with delight by the artistic contents that reside within.



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