Taipei New Year's Eve 2018 | I didn't expect to go to New Year's Eve - Taipei City Hall Concert and Taipei 101 Fireworks

2018 Record of Taipei New Year's Eve

Since the completion of Taipei 101, Taipei City Hall concert and 101 fireworks show have every year.
About distance, I'm not far from there. Only takes about 30-40 minutes.

But just like this, you know how terrifying the New Year is.
Many many people

Until 2018, I've only been seen once live fireworks, concerts are absolutely no thought to want to squeeze in.
Just this time, A China friend just picked up this time to Taipei.

Actually, she didn't know that there was a New Year's event and Korea singer Rain coming to Taiwan to perform.

However, i'm the local people.I have to tell her some information about it.

(She didn't  know where to go,not plan anything )

She was not interested in speaking about the New Year's activities, but the eyes were all bright when knew Rain is coming.

I knew things wouldn't be great
Until the night of 12/31, i still confirmed with her whether it was going or not.
Have a look and go to see it! (OS:What)! !

After all, I am  good person, how can I refuse a friend's request
 She bought a lot  of souvenirs then put back to the hotel
Let's go, la la!~~~~

I didn't intend to squeeze in to the front of the concert ,not  hurry to go to the front to occupy the position before the opening.

I also ran to Yongkang Street for a dinner and filled my empty belly. I had to the physical power to face the long battle.(plus a bottle of Monster energy)
We are taking a bus to Zhongxiao East Road and Guangfu South Road, near the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall.

(Friendly reminder: Road regulation during the New Year period, remember to check online for details)

About 9:30 PM ,we were walking to Renai Road, proceed to the main venue.
The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall was already a crowd. There are some angles that can be well seen in Taipei 101 as a whole will not be blocked.
(If you only want to see the Fireworks show, consider taking a place in the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall; in addition, you can take a footbridge at the Xiangshan Observation Deck and the Xinyi Keelung intersection.)

At this time, there are not many people on the outskirts and  slowly moving forward.

At first time, I feel that it is not far from the front, even watching the big screen is not too clear.

The sponsors put a lot of advertising and activities, and each show will have a wave of neutral gear.

 At 10:30PM, the back of the crowd is full of people, and I can't see where the tail is.
Personally feel that this year's star is not good enough, there are several groups not bad. 
Fortunately, the highlight of the Taipei 101 fireworks show

The fireworks display plus light effects, the overall feeling is not bad, the visual is looking  quite shocking

Slightly combined with advertising, will not affect the perception of many.

Taiwan famous female singer:Amei

Everybody are  Happy Together
The final drama was officially opened

At the intersection of Guangxiao South Road, Zhongxiao East Road, a large part of people are walking outside the controlled area.
 We have been to Nanjing East Road Guangfu South Road before calling to the taxi.

There are so many people enter at the MRT station. It is even more crowded inside.

The psychological preparation for the New Year is that it is inconvenient to go to the toilet and it takes a very long time to stand.Even so 
It is also a good memory to spend a special night with friends.

I'm tired of going home, just want to go to bed faster

The End


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