Taiwan,North Coast Tour Part.4 | Fugui Cape Lighthouse,Taiwan's Northernmost

Fugui Cape Lighthouse,Taiwan's Northernmost 

Modern people do not recognize roads as they did before. Many people may not even understand maps.

The development of science and technology brings great convenience to people
Just open Google Maps

When everyone uses, can go everywhere.
But what to do at sea?

Although science and technology can solve many problems , it  might be fail sometimes.

For example, when the computer crashed, the phone died? !

The lighthouse is a very important existence for people at sea.
And it's also psychologically safe. The land is on the front

Simple road signs inform the direction to go

Walking down to the laomei Green reef, it is very beautiful from March to May.

When walking towards the  Fugui cape lighthouse , once doubted whether it was going to the lighthouse.
Because it is very obvious in the imagination, wherever it should be seen
It's not that you haven't gotten to where you can see it
Just be blocked by a hillside looking at it

Turned a corner
It appeared before my eyes

Fugui Cape Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Fugui Cape was built by the Japanese in 1897, painted black and white to be more visible in fogs. It was also equipped with a fog horn for warnings in thick fogs.

The lighthouse marks the northernmost point of land of the island of Taiwan, and has been an important landmark. It has been renovated, but its function of guiding ships remains. Standing firmly on the cape, it lights up the northern coast.


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