Taiwan,North Coast Tour Part.5 | Fuji Harbor | North Coast Seafood ~ Pick and Cook local

Fuji Harbor | North Coast Seafood ~ 

Pick and Cook local

 To the North Coast and it wasn’t too late for lunch.

Of course,came to Fuji Harbor

After visiting the nearby Fugui Cape Lighthouse, a short way to come is the Fuji Harbor.

But I’m here for the first time on weekday so there’s not a lot of people who believe that holidays should be overcrowded!

A big crab sign can be seen from the parking area
Is this telling me that I would like to eat  a crab?

Fuji Harbor is mainly rich in crab seafood

There are two areas in the fishing port, after parking down

On the right hand side, there is a fresh fishery area
 in building A.
On the left hand side is the building Area.

Fishing port instructions

After reading, you can understand more about how the route moves

Building A is equipped with several fair scales, which can be used for notification when there are doubts about the weight of stall operators.
(However curious is that anybody uses it)

Of course not very familiar with just picking a pleasing to the eye
The price is not so different, not too outrageous prices can be OK
After all, it is not very common to eat fresh seafood. The sensitivity of price is not so high.
Their stalls will have a restaurant with a matching cuisine

This time it is to the brothers Seafood restaurant

(The other is a sister)

The more evil way to eat ~ dig a bit of rice into the crab shell and mix it with crab paste after eating

Fish head and some corners boiled a soup

Fresh seafood, ginger can be cooked to feel the flavor

Taste increases but will cover it

The seafood bought and cooked different price,not pay the same place.
After eating seafood, there will be no smell on the hands and there will be a washbasin inside.

The style of the building seen from the outside is not very understandable
How do you think there are so many chimneys here? ?

There are also many restaurants outside but I don’t know which different they are.

Fuji Harbor

Near the North Coast Highway, Fuji Fishing Harbor is now a place renowned for fresh, delicious seafood, attracting an increasing number of gourmets.

This harbor used to be a small fishing port rarely known by people. However, with the rich fishery brought to the nearby area by the sea currents, it has always been an important fishing port. In 1995, Jinshan Fishermen's Association decided to establish ''Fuji Seafood Market" to display and sell fresh seafood to the general public, with the cooperation of the local restaurants.

Tourism in this area has boomed ever since, because visitors can choose the fresh seafood at the market and bring it to any one of the restaurants to be cooked, at a very low service charge, to enjoy really fresh and delicious seafood, along with the beautiful views, right at the spot.



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  1. Looks super pretty. So much awesome food there too. Thanks for sharing :)