Taiwan,North coast Tour Part.3 Shimen District | Laomei Green reef March~May Seasonal Limit

 Laomei Green Reef  March~May Seasonal Limit

This year, because of the warm winter relationship, so early in the end of January began to green up, otherwise generally start in March green

April is the prettiest piece of green covered with stone troughs!
It was just the end of April when it was just gone. Almost half of the stone troughs are still covered with green. The front part closest to seawater is dominated, and the back beach part is basically gone.

It can be seen that the gray part is the limestone left after the green algae died.

The most beautiful time on the picture is that the entire stone  is full of green algae.

The front part here is the bare stone.

The waves hit the stone ,I do not know why it seems a little healing.

Looking at the seawater coming up from the middle of the sea and leaving it back in the sea

Sometimes there will be a small surprise in the stone slot, see the crab! ! But I didn't take it too fast

It's really feel to take a photo here. I always want to take it up. Every angle has a different appearance every time.

Before you come, be prepared with enough memory to photos and  the video.

Laomei Green Reef

This is truly a unique spot, as it is the only place in Taiwan with such an incredible view, and has therefore become one of the most-frequented scenic spots in northern Taiwan in recent years.
The reefs of various shapes were form by wave-cut volcanic lava through the years, with ditches in between. Every year in April and May, green algae flourish on the surface of the reefs, forming this unique magnificent view. Besides making sure that you come in the "right" months, you also need to know the correct low-tide hours of the day of your visit in order to witness this miraculous scenery.



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