Taiwan,North Coast Tour Part.2 | Shimen (Stone) Arch Scenic Area ,Seascape and Sea Shell Beach

Shimen (Stone) Arch Scenic Area ,Seascape and Sea Shell Beach

In fact, at first, we did not see this arch. When we came from another direction, we first saw the shell beach and the seascape.

Wow~! This coastal landscape is really beautiful
In particular, it shines just under the sun's rays.

A stone arch bridge was also built on the reef

See a lot of tourists with a professional camera to take pictures ~!

It is better to see the clear sea. Really have to protect the earth less pollution!

When you see this Shimen-dong, you feel that the power of nature is really magical. 

From the two directions of Shihmen-dong, there will be different scenes in front of us, especially when we look towards the coast and come across a sense of passing to the new world

Shimen (Stone) Arch

Cut by sea waves for years and years long ago, this stone arch is among the natural wonders on the north coast, standing right by the highway. Because it looks like a gate,it is no wonder that the place was named "Shimen Stone Arch" long ago by the earliest settlers. You might like to follow the steps and get up to the top of the arch to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast.



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