2018 Muzha,Chin-Nan Temple(Xiangong Temple) -1138th Anniversary Ceremony of Patriarch Lu Enlightenment

Lunar May18th-1138th Anniversary Ceremony of  Patriarch Lu Enlightenment

Mucha Chin-Nan Temple,can not say that everyone knows in Taipei, 
but most people also know a little.
Next to the Taipei zoo attractions, Maokong tea, etc., and National Chengchi University.

But even though I have been to the Taipei Zoo and the Maokong several times,
 I have no impression of going to the Chin-Nan Temple.

This is also a very amazing thing. As long as you sit in the Maokong cable car,
 you must know it.One of the stations is the Chin-Nan Temple, which is sure to pass through

I always  respect for any religion,and I am curious about the architecture of religion.
How can previous people build such buildings?
I am not professional but I think it looks very good.

Recently, an elder suggested that I can go there, The environment is very good. I can change my mood when I go. I just heard that the lunar calendar on May 18th is a Anniversary Ceremony of  Patriarch Lu Enlightenment.

Let's take a look~~

Good weather,Sunny day......
At this moment, when you feel hot to die,then see water and watermelon,
almost crying (actually sweating)

The temple is very intimate in preparing watermelon, normal water and ice water~
Taiwanese watermelon is really delicious and sweet 

The entire Anniversary Ceremony of  Patriarch Lu Enlightenment was officially started at 10AM in the morning, and many other temples people came to visit.

Many TV reporters came to visit

Asking the staff to know that former President Ma Ying-jeou is coming, there are also many well-known politicians.
Like Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe, former legislator Wang Jinping
I don’t care if they come or not, just because each of them goes up to say a few words
It took an hour to officially start at 11:00.

For the general public, it is convenient to go to the incense by the end of all activities.
The whole ritual activities are in the temple, and the live ceremonies can be seen through live broadcast.

Staff are busy to live

At around 11:30AM, the temple has a lunch box for free access.

This vegetarian lunch is unexpectedly delicious, tastes good and not too greasy,It’s rare to eat a vegetarian lunch that feels good.

Professional orchestras are playing, from the beginning to the end of the ceremony (as long as they stop, they will end the event)

All the temple staff will go in and close the door before the end.
This is the first time I have seen the door closed in the temple.
Final photo

BTW:There is a kitten in the store,because the weather is hot and it feels cool on the floor, with the fan.

Patriarch Lu

Patriarch Lu studied Confucianism in his early years and afterward went on to study both Taoism and Buddhism. Lu is honoured as an Immortal with various titles. In Confucianism, they respect him as one of the five Wen Chang Di Jun (Lords of Literature), named “Master Chunyang” or "Immortal Chunyang”. In Buddhism, they recognize him as a Bodhisattva and call him "True Buddha Wen Nee". Taoism regards him as one of “Eight Immortals” and respectfully named him Miao Dao Tian Zun (Heavenly Worthy of Wondrous Tao). As he was also the patriarch of Chunyang Sect, he also was given the title of “Emperor Chun Yang” and “Emperor Fu You” by many Chinese emperors. The local barbers honour him as their patron saint and immortal patriarch of their trade. There is a popular proverb in Fujian, China, saying “Lu Dong-Bin takes care of the mouth, not the body." People recognized Patriarch Lu as the "Deliverer from poverty”. Moreover, most people believed if they send a sick child to be a foster son or foster daughter of Lu Dong-Bin, the child will quickly recover from his illness. There are also devotees of Chin-Nan Temple who have sent their children to be the foster child of Patriarch Lu in order to help them have a peaceful and prosperous life.



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