Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking -three flavors of Tofu,once time finished

Cooking  three flavors of Tofu-salt and pepper,Miso,braised

One day night,I felt I didn’t know what to eat.And do not want to eat starch.
Suddenly want to buy tofu to cook,
Don’t want to drink soup
If cooked Mapo tofu,can't without rice.They are perfect match.

When I opened the fridge, I saw the Miso sauce and vegetables for braised.
Try to make three flavors
Rich in taste
Cheap and convenient.

Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking

All required materials

  • Tofu (one box/ buy in supermarket) 
  • Scallion(1/4 cup)
  • Carrot (Half)
  • Onion (Half)
  • Salt (5g)
  • Pepper(5g)
  • Miso (1 tsp)
  • Soy sauce (1tbsp)

The three flavors of Tofu need to fried, the first step is the same.

Salt and pepper Tofu:

First step: 

Hot oil and put tofu to fried,Tofu contains water, first take a napkin to dry the tofu. There will be no oil explosion.

Second step:

Sprinkle black pepper and salt on the fried tofu,add black pepper aroma with remaining temperature and dissolve with salt

Miso Tofu:

first step: 

Same as above

Second step:

Use a teaspoon of miso, melt in 1/3 bowl of water,  (every brand miso is different salty, try it before putting it in). Pour into the pot and tofu to cook with sauce ,when the sauce into the tofo is done.

Braised Tofu:

fisrt step:

Same as above

Second step:

Pour oil, add fragrant scallions, and put sliced carrots (onions, etc.)

Third step:

Pour a tablespoon of soy sauce (I like to put soy sauce first. The sauce smells out and colorizes)
 Then add half a bowl of water and less sauce. finished.

Eating at home is less stressful, and the platter is not beautiful.
It is more important to eat.Simple and convenient
Good to eat


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