GongGuan,Miaoli,Taiwan-Village style,Pumpkins in farmland - More than imagined

My grandfather's home in village-My Aunt planted the pumpkins in farmland

Before the old farmland was set aside.If not give it time for rest,
it would consume too much nutrients.

In the past two years, my aunt has spent more time returning to there.
Began to grow vegetables up,what vegetables want to plant that do it.

Whether it is corn, all kinds of vegetables, onion, ginger, garlic, etc
Vegetables are basically self-sufficient, and even to give friends gifts

I heard about changing to plant pumpkins this time. They have no experience before.
It is sprinkled with less than 10 seeds down

This will probably grow up to ten or twenty pumpkins.This is very satisfying

When she returned to Taipei, she brought a few pumpkins to our home and heard that she had a lot of pumpkins.Is there such an exaggeration?
I don't believe it.
After a few days my family had time to go back to my grandfather's home and I went back with me.

I want to see how extraordinary it is
When I arrive at my grandfather's home , I first see pumpkins everywhere.
 Bad feelings
At this point are afraid to go to the farmland to see the end is how much

So curiosity, go to the farmland.

At first scan, the ground full of pumpkin vines
Its vitality is really too strong ~~
A lot of pumpkins are hidden.
Just looking at it, i see dozens of pumpkins.

There are papaya trees, full of papaya.

All the moments have been picked up, clapping hands.
Let's take a look at the rich results.

This number is still only half, and half of it has been picked before (give away part of )
Unofficially, there will probably be one or two hundred pumpkins in this half。
When finished eating ah ~~~~~~~Dreaming about the pumpkin every night! !


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