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Tour group and Backpacking

Basically, I did not simply participate in tour groups.I only participated in study aboard tour groups run by travel agencies when I was a student.
At that time, I didn’t even know when I went, how long I would stayed there.
This situation is relatively special because I was studying in the China and my family registered a study tour for me.

So I didn’t even go to the travel agency’s pre-departure explanation meeting.
 My family went on for me
This is a very fun situation. I went to the airport for that day 
The first sentence the team leader asked me was that you were the classmate who did not go pre-departure explanation meeting before the tour.

For me it was not standardized as a tour group.
Most of the time is not traveling, only a small part of the time is.
But the leader has done something similar to a tour guide.
Take us to the scheduled place
This is also informed in the pre-departure explanation meeting.

Tour Group

There are many travel agencies now and the competition is fierce. You can choose plan under your own budget.
(Including travel places, days, no shopping trips, etc.)

And basically such travel agencies will have their recommended itinerary or hot itinerary
It's a very convenient way to decide according to your feelings after reading the content.

Don't worry about applying for a visa, and you don't have to arrange your own flight ticket, transportation, etc.
The travel agency will also explain the matters to be noted before the start of the tour.
As long as you have your own luggage ready for a happy trip

It is relatively inelastic. It is necessary to follow the planned schedule and the time is relatively fixed.
What time to start, what sets, what time to leave

Travelers are also very important, after all, they will be late or have many personal problems.
The mood of travel will also be affected

P.S now has one more option that is the flight ticket + hotel option
As long as you plan to go to the travel location of the traffic attractions and other issues

A simple introduction to myself is an example of a travel agency but it is not a regular number of tours

Before this time, my trip to the China with my family was not a tour group.
Why do i say this, because it is the elder who knows the local travel agency to help arrange the itinerary.
It covers services that all groups have, such as food and transportation attractions and tickets.
(Although all tourist attractions in  China must have tickets)

The whole group is only our family! And the cost was not imaginary in that year.Naturally, freedom in tourism is very high.If you want to stay longer in one place, stay longer.
The next scenic spot can be changed directly.It’s equal to the convenience of a tour group but it’s flexible


Backpacking trip needs to be able to plan their own people more suitable, or the like to challenge new things
From the beginning of the ticket accommodation to local transportation, travel attractions, etc. all need their own research information to arrange.
In particular, if you want to go more than one city or country, you need to prepare more information.

Problems such as convergence of traffic calculations must be considered.This sounds like very complicated to be prepared.

However, the Internet is convenient now.A lot of trouble are easy to fix.This kind of travel companion must be more suitable, otherwise it is easy to go before it is a friend, come back directly say byebye

When choosing a destination, you must also learn about the local culture.Reducing possible accidents, but don’t worry too much.
Although it can be arranged by flight ticket + hotel, there will be a problem in one city.Of course, doing a deep trip in one place is also a good choice.
The flexibility of backpacking is high. Where do you want to go? What do you want to eat?
How long to stay at a place!
Will not be pressured by time!
Fun way for experience, like I want to understand local life, it is suitable for backpacking.


Tour group and backpacking all have their own fun, as long as their own way to be happy to spend a vacation.Are good ways! Do you think so?

Regardless of who is to travel to relax can have a nice time to break from the usual social life.
Anything that takes place from a different perspective will eventually become its own memories


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