SanXia,New Taipei City-Niu Xiangxuan old shop master-SanXia gold croissant~ ~This shop bought for the first time

Niu Xiangxuan old shop master-SanXia gold croissant

 Since many years ago, the local SanXia friend were 
recommended to eat croissants.
Going to Fumeixuan nearby the SanXia market.

I didn’t think about buying croissants from other stores.
Not very often go to the SanXia Old Street.
But buying croissants has become a very important part.
The old street is not very attractive to me... ha ha!!

The problem is coming...! !
Going to the SanXia Old Street is a very casual decision.
This becomes uncontrollable,which day of the week to go to the old street.
Many times to go to Fumeixuan are closed.

This time is no exception.
Monday, Fu Mei Xuan rest day.
Going to the SanXia Old Street.
I saw the sign at the door of the store.

(How hard to eat it)

If it is in the past, it will simply give up not eating croissants.
This time, my family just wants to buy it.

Stopped when I saw the SanXia Golden croissant Bakery.
Buy it and try it.

The style of the store is the former bakery
Every bakery in Taipei is very beautifully decorated.
Pick bread like an exhibition hall

The current croissants are more than original.
Out of a variety of flavors
But I still only eat the original flavor.

Horn horn in the lower right corner
Nothing special!
Not recommended and eat very dry
Original croissants are not bad
The stomach was full and didn’t eat that day.
First placed in the refrigerator
The taste that comes out is still ok.

Eat it occasionally
Don't dare to eat too much or eat too much
Calorie is too high

I am very happy when I eat.
It’s very guilty after eating
I have a headache when I think about how to burn calories.

 Taste of the SanXia Golden  croissant
1. Eyes look: the appearance is golden, the fire of baking is just right.
2. Nose smell: It is not greasy for a long time, and there is no uncomfortable greasy smell.
3. Mouth to eat: The taste is solid, smooth, and good taste.

Croissant validity
Normal temperature: 3 days
Refrigerated: 7 days
Frozen: 30 days



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