SanXia,New Taipei City-SanXia Old Street - A leisurely stroll on Monday,and the SanXia Temple,YongBo douhua

SanXia Old Street-Qingshui Zushi (Qingshui Master) Temple-Yong Bo Douhua (Afternoon Tea)

One of the Mondays
Just the family had an appointment to go to the SanXia, 
and they also had friends to meet at night.
There is a free time in the middle.

I thought of going to the SanXia Old Street.
I have not been there for long time.
Although I'm only interesting about the “Golden Bull Horns (Croissant)”~~

Usually goes to the SanXia Old Street  on weekends.
There are people everywhere.
It’s really not customary to see the SanXia Old Street without anyone.
Not sure if we are going late?

Many stores are also closed.
But think of it again,it's on Monday.
Not too unexpected

Entrance to the SanXia Old Street

The police station is integrated into it.

Well water used in early years
Retro water purifier.

I used this retro water purifier in the countryside before.

Still quite fun

But the arm needs a little strength.

The ancient architecture that keep is really too little in Taiwan.
I don't think that i can live inside.
But these can make young people know more about the past and  history.

Drizzling the day

Walking on the sorted streets

Many stores are closed

Instead like this

Not so commercial


Going to the end of the street

I feel a little tired (only 260 meters!)
Just saw the YongBo Douhua

It’s so coincidental
If you don’t eat it,

It seems that it is not right?

The tables used in the store are all from the previous era.

Shake and shake

I know that there are many years. XD

Although it is a douhua store.

The weather is so hot, of course, need a mango red bean ice .
The boss also said that it is not enough to add more ice? ?

Taiwan mango is good

Pig blood cake that I wanted to eat.

Unfortunately, I have to go dinner.

The other direction is the Qingshui Zushi (Qingshui Master) Temple.

I don’t have enough time to stay here for too long.
But it is also a very good memory

Maybe it’s related to where I don’t like too many people.
To have fun enjoying this place

Otherwise, I don’t know if I’m watching people or watching the scenery.

More information:Taiwan Tourism Bureau


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