Taipei [Xinyi District] Nancun snack food-commonly known as Xiaokaiyue-the former village snack food in the SISINANCUN

Nancun Snack food (Xiao Kaiyue) Nearby SISINANCUN

The history of the SISINANCUN is not explained (because I don't fully understand XD)

When I was a child, I remembered that it was opposite the World Trade Center.

There is a village, which is one floor and looks old.

The Xinyi District didn't like now, there is no high-rise building.
There is only an apartment to Wuxing Street and Zhuangjing Road.

At that time, there were not so many choices for the restaurant now, of course, the most important thing is the price.
Price too expensive so can't eat often, only sometimes eat outside.

Like seafood, I don’t even think about it, crabs and shrimps are out of reach!
I can go to Nancun snack food , I’m happiness.

This small restaurant has been in existence for many years before the renovation of the SISINANCUN.
The most impressive thing about the crabs and shrimps, because at that time price was cheap not expensive, there is still a chance to eat.
Even if you can’t eat it often.

Later, I moved out and opened it nearby. When I went to eat, I liked to eat  luwei and Sesame paste cucumbers.Luxury seafood is not the most important.

It’s just plain from the outside, not a very conspicuous restaurant.
When I got to the meal, it was overcrowded.

A small sign on the roadside tells you that it is here

The basic menu is these simple, very traditional snacks, which are also memorable.

Especially the luwei and cucumber that must be ordered every time.

I was drooling when I saw the photo.

I didn’t feel it when I ordered it. It seemed to be a bit more after serving. Three people ate it and takeout some.

When I can't think of where to eat, it will appear in my mind inadvertently.
It's a feeling.
Simple and not complicated.



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