Costco-The Western-style food area has a high cost performance,XiZhi,New Taipei City

Costco-food area has a high cost performance

Generally speaking, I like to go to Costco Neihu store.

Relatively close

Although sometimes the road is traffic jam

Going to costco is also a lot of people.

About Costco XiZhi store.
The position is slightly biased, the person will be a little less
You can go directly to the highway next to.

I went there heavy rain in Taipei that day.
Seeing news reports, some places are flooding
100,000 uneasy in my heart

I hope not to flood into Costco!

Costco's customer service line has no way to contact the store directly.
All are direct switchboard answers
When I go to ask about the situation of the store

They are also foggy
I don't know if there is any influence over there.

Holding an uneasy mood
Call the partner who went together

They are already on the road~~

Get timely feedback

Safe Safe! !

Just slowly go out.....ha ha! !
Basically, every time I go, I will take a meal.
So I can just have an excuse to eat high-calorie food.

Is it very wit?

Every time I have to order hot dogs (including drinks), this is a very high cost performance.

Others depend on the mood of the day.
Onion + Sour Cucumber + Tomato Sauce + Yellow Mustard

All my love

Have to add

Several people share a large pizza together and order a Caesar salad.

Chicken roll beef roll

Think of it as beautiful! !

Thai-style chicken hamburger is launched for a while

Personally feel normally!

Chicken is not too much seasoning

Thai flavors are all from sauces

But not sour or spicy

Very doubtful Thai style
Hamburg may be better without sauce

Or change seasoning

Caesar salad is cost-effective and full of quantity

Chicken breast is also very tender

But the soup is not as good as before.

Changed the new formula and price increase!


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