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Taiwan brick kiln chicken-Chicken oil bibimbap,All you can eat

 I earned a meal this time.
I used to be with my family to have dinner with their friends.
I was going to eat a dumpling restaurant that they have been to.
Not bad restaurant(I have never been to)

 When I found out that the dumpling restaurant,didn’t open on Monday night.
Fortunately, one of the elders lived in the SanXia.
Just take everyone to drive to Taiwan brick kiln chicken.

I saw a lot of wood in the front door.
Checked the official website,they use of lychee wood/ longan wood.
Kiln roasting in brick kiln.

The burning scent is smoked to the chicken skin.
And the wood itself has the least amount of oil, so less smoke is produced.

Full of wood, I thought I came to the lumber factory.

In addition to parking spaces at the entrance, there is also a parking lot nearby.
Not afraid that there will be no parking place.

We went earlier, about 6 pm.

The guests  are not too many in the restaurant.

When you get inside, you will smell the thick kiln roast chicken.

The saliva must flow down.

On the same day, we had seven people, and  we ordered NTD$2000 set.
we almost finish it.
(Some people eat too much chicken oil bibimbap)

In the picture, the stainless steel container is chicken oil on the right hand side .
Mix with soy sauce
Especially when it put on a hot white rice, it is even more fragrant.
I want to eat when I see it.
There are many people’s signatures on the wall, and there are probably 
many celebrities who have been there.

I also suppress the mood of wanting to eat a few bowls.
Otherwise,guilt too heavy

Brick kiln roast whole chicken should wait 20~30 minutes.
About half of the other dishes are coming.
The long-awaited roast whole chicken is served.

I don’t want to take pictures on the spot, I just want to eat it right.

On the left is a Taiwanese kimchi,pepper salt and lemon in the middle 
and chicken oil on the right.

Don't touch too much pepper salt, it's salty

The first bites original.Must important.
Pickled Chinese herbal before roasting.

Have a little fragrance, don’t feel greasy

Still have to eat hot, or it will be a bit oily until the end.
No matter which part is soft and tender
Even chicken breasts won’t taste like wood

People who like to eat chicken skin will not miss it.

I still feel a little small when I first saw the size of the chicken.

It turned out that it was still enough.

The burdock soup is a bit ordinary.

This green bean fried with stinky tofu.

Originally thought to be dried beans

Not bad

Overall, there are a few dishes normally, but the vegetables are enough.
Of course, the focus is on brick kiln roast whole chicken.
Great for gatherings or family gatherings

I saw two people at the next table and ordered a whole chicken plus 2 dishes.

Very enjoyable

I think about eating a handful of roast chicken with beer in the midnight.

Don't be too good! !



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