Xinyi District,Taipei - KONGBUL small bean sprouts - Korean bean sprouts fried meat, rice cake pot -MRT City Hall Station

KONGBUL small bean sprouts-Bean sprouts fried pork with cheese-Korean rice cake pot

I saw a friend's post on FB a few months ago and I always wanted to find a chance to try it.
Of course, it’s impossible to eat alone....I feel a touch of sadness.
It’s hard to make an appointment with a friend to eat.
Finally i made it.

From the exit 1 of the MRT City Hall Station and walk into the alley. You can see the signboard after walking for 3 minutes.
It is easy to find this restaurant.

Look at the signboard is a small bean sprout

There is a menu in front of  the door, you can look at the reference first, and adding new dishes.
However, i wanna try the bean sprouts with pork first.

Although the menu doesn't look much,if every dishes are good.
I saw that the menu has  different size, so a person can eat.
You can also add some ingredients.

The entrance to the left is the open kitchen.
Water is self-service, and seaweed soup is also

Seaweed soup is good to drink, rich flavor

Drink 2 bowls!!

Three kinds of small side dishes, if you have finished eating, you can only orlder them.

Personally feel ordinary

Here is an induction cooker, a table and an induction cooker

If you order two pots like us

Just eat a pot first and tell the waiter to serve another pot before the end.

                   Everyone has an apron, afraid that the process of cooking can be used 
when it is sprayed or when it is eaten.

We ordered two different dishes and wanted to try different tastes.
It’s all small, in the absence of confidence in the weight
This pot is cheese pork

Open the fire to cook 

The cheese is really a very evil food, can't resist the temptation of it.
It’s a little spicy, not too spicy.Spicy sauce with sweet sauce
The bean sprouts also retain the crispness of the taste and will not go to the soft
The bean sprouts and the meat taste rich.
               The cheese can make the spicy taste softer, and the addition will not cover too much 
of the original taste.

This pot is a Korean-style rice cake pot. The difference is that the meat is first fried with sauce and then placed.The taste of the sauce is not good not bad.
I can't eat it for too long time that day, or the rice cake can cook more time.
Instant noodles are really essential, I want to add a piece or a fried rice.



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