Xinyi District,Taipei-Linkou Street - Chiayi Red Heart Dessert - Brown Sugar Ice(slices)

Red Heart Dessert - Brown Sugar Ice(Slices), Lemon Ice(Slices)

Half of the year is like summer.
Can't go to the beach to play water
That is to eat ice.
I only think of one word after eating.

This red heart dessert in Linkou Street, Taipei
In this place has been open for decades.
People who live near here should be known it.
Hot soup dessert series in winter.
In summer, it comes to eat ice.

Even on weekdays, there are still many people.
Cool down
At the beginning of the first time, there was no brown sugar ice.
It was developed and improved more than ten years ago.
Basically, I haven’t seen it in other places.
But I am considered to be eating less ice.
May not eat another place.

It is not too big space in the store. There are only 5-6 tables and 2 outside.
There are also a lot of guests takeout.

There are more than 20 kinds of ingredients to choose from in the store.
The most popular are Taro,Bubble,Taro balls
But the most common thing,I order  red beans, peanuts, bubble,taro ball
Personal taste.The taste of the ingredients will not be too sweet.
It is acceptable to eat only ingredients.
In addition to ice, there are douhua to choose from.

In the freezer, there are douhua, syrup, and ice.

Order and payment first.
Then choose the ingredients to take your meal.

 I ordered the lemon slice ice this time, it's a new menu not for a long time, right?
I didn’t go to eat for a while, I don’t know.
Eat lemon flavor
With fresh
Like someone who doesn't eat lemon
Because of its sour taste.
The ratio of this adjustment is good
With ingredients to eat

Balanced the taste
Not too sweet, you can avoid the feeling of being tired when you eat too much.
Let me not feel that I have finished eating the ice.
There are still a lot of materials left below.


If you eat in the store, you can add ice for free.

Of course, I added it again.


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