Taipei,Houshanpi MRT Station,Yongji Cold Noodles-Yucheng Street Time-honored brand

Yongji Cold Noodles-Yucheng Street,Time-honored brand

Sometimes I don’t know what to eat.

I will think of it

"Cold Noodles"

This store is only Five minutes walk from Exit 3 of Houshanpi MRT Station.

I have been there on weekdays and weekends.

 It is always a long line in the weekend.

Even if it is 10:00-11:00 AM, A lot of people.

Don't worry too much.

The take-away guests are lined up outside.

And the speed is still very fast.

If you use it, go straight into the store to order.

Pay first

Sit down after finding the location

They will send the meal but pay attention to hear whether it is mine.

Will be sent with the call

You can see people outside waiting in line.

Air condition inside.

Outside the strong sun.

The waiter is busy

So be a little psychologically prepared

For those with high service requirements, they will be hit.

On the wall except the price list.

In addition, they check the documents of SGS.

Statement on egg items.

This is the original cold noodles and the Miso egg soup

I saw a lot of garlic.

Sesame sauce can smell sesame aroma.

Moderate saltiness

Noodles are not soft or hard

Every bite can bring a sauce

Not a high concentration sauce

Miso egg soup

Taiwanese taste with a little sweetness

Not too sweet

It’s too sweet to have eaten other stores.

I also saw the catfish fillet inside.

The other one is minced pork sauce with cold noodles.

The taste will be a little heavier than the original cold noodles

Slightly salty

But eating dry meat will feel very rich and enjoyable.

Next to it, chili sauce and mustard can be added.

I personally used to change the taste.

Start with the original flavor

Add a little mustard

Finally, a little chili sauce

A bowl of cold noodles to eat three flavors


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