Xizhou,Changhua-WanJing Art Garden,Large-scale garden architecture,Tour in Taiwan

WanJing Art Garden-The land of wonderful flowers and precious trees, the palace of culture and art

I feel very embarrassed
Changhua in addition to Taiwanese meatballs(Bawan)
I don’t know much about Changhua.
Really know the meatballs and meatballs
(Regret this trip, did not eat a Taiwanese meatball)
Staying in China for a few years
Also saw some garden architecture.
Like the famous Suzhou garden
It is not easy to see landscaping rockery or architecture in Taiwan.
Not to mention that it is still a large area.

Wanjing Art Garden entrance
See the temperature displayed on the screen of the door is 31 degrees, right? !
Then you are wrong.
The somatosensory temperature was over 35 degrees.

[Friendly reminder: If you go in the summer, it is too hot, there are not many shelters, you need to do sun protection to avoid heatstroke
Spring and autumn are more suitable for a little]

Before i go,no idea to buy tickets or not.
Thinking about it is also right
After all, it took a lot of time and money to take care of it.
Can make him better and let more people appreciate it.
It is worth it.

Full ticket NTD180, discount ticket NTD150 
There are signs of visiting routes when entering the door, don't worry about the direction

Large and small trees planted in the park
There are also a variety of potted plants.
Organizing these plants is a matter of energy

Inside the biggest banyan tree
There are no problems with dozens of people standing under the tree.

The only air-conditioned place in the park
There are some exhibitions of strange stones and carvings.
Basically the most people place in the park

It is very suitable for walking slowly, although I don’t know most of the plants.

Especially people who like flowers and plants have to look at it.

It is also a good choice to take the elders to walk!


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