Jack‘s’ Unprofessional Cooking - Broccoli soup

Broccoli soup

Every time when i bought broccoli back, it is mainly based on Chinese style frying, 

or with other ingredients.

If use the boiled water , there will be too easy. It is too ordinary. If you boil it, just put it in 

and you will get it.

Also check the Internet and found that someone made a soup to drink ~ ~ This can try.

Directly start cooking, not completely following the online recipe operation, on the premise of the 

materials that are easily available to get.

I eat it with my family and do relatively healthy. I don’t add butter or whipped cream, 

and I don’t use butter to fry flour.White sauce is made to increase the consistency.


Broccoli: two

    Onion: half a

    Potato: one

 Fresh milk: 500cc

       Salt : personal preference added

White/black pepper: personal preference added

The materials are very simple to prepare. The function of the potato is mainly to increase 

theconsistency through it, in addition to increasing the aroma.

Processing materials first:

  1. Washing is inevitable, don't forget
  2. Onion diced
  3. Potato peeled and cut into small pieces

Officially started:

  1. After the broccoli is burnt, it is ready for use.
  2. Stir-fry the onion in olive oil, fry soft and slightly discolored
  3. Add the potato diced and fried
  4. Use all the conditioners together to make mud, and add water to help break up.
  5. Rewind back to the pot to heat
  6. At this time, pour fresh milk
  7. Seasoning can be served
You're done ------- Get it! !

Is it very simple? !

If the onion and the potato diced are not fried, the cooking time will be lengthened, 

otherwise the spicy taste of the onion will be obvious.


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