Raohe Street Night Market-Fuzhou Shizu Pepper Cake

Fuzhou Shizu Pepper Cake

Raohe Street Night Market is my most frequent night market

Since childhood, as long as the weekend can be taken to the night market

It’s a very exciting thing.

Because it is the night market closest to me

Of course the best choice

Most of them go from the direction of Ciyou temple.

When the sky is still so bright, I will come to the night market.

I feel amazing about myself.

The time to go is long gone, and so many people are lined up under the plaque.

Do you want to be like this? !

It’s rare to come occasionally.

All the peppercakes are baked on site.

Every clerk is busy making it by hand

Wrap up a round fat, is it very cute?

Also coated with sesame seeds

Charcoal grilled in the same way as traditional pottery

Stick to the wall to heat it

Be careful not to be burned when you put it in.

Amazing! !

Just get hot, pay attention when you want to eat.

Can't bite too fast too much

Otherwise it will be burnt to the gravy

The aroma of pepper inside and the solidity of a lot of onions and meat

It’s very enjoyable to eat.


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