The habit of subtitles ~ Watch or not

Subtitle habit

From now on, as long as you are watching any film and television content in Taiwan,

Includes TV movies and online Youtube.

They all have Chinese subtitles, and even after going to China for a while,

Seeing them is also a habit of subtitles.

Naturally, it seems that without subtitles or without watching subtitles, it becomes a strange thing.

So when you go abroad, like the United States, you will find that they don’t care about any TV movies, etc.

There are no subtitles. When I first started watching, I was very uncomfortable and would unconsciously want to find subtitles.

Look at the place where it seems to have subtitles.

Do you have this thought? !

After a while

I found something interesting, even if I don’t understand the full content, but when the attention is on the image.

Still can roughly guess the meaning of expression.

People can focus more on the performance content, but not because of the subtitles

The impression in the image will be relatively deep.

Youtube is the same situation. Youtuber in Taiwan basically has subtitles. There used to be a subtitle.

Youtuber(Joeman) has discussed this issue, and foreign Youtuber is not subtitled, but instead

If Taiwan’s Youtuber’s video has fewer subtitles, the pageview will be relatively small, and there are other factors.Do not discuss.

It’s a matter of course to see if subtitles are better than if they were not native speakers.

In the language that I am familiar with, I have less subtitles, and I can concentrate on enjoying these performances.

After all, the spirit can't really concentrate on two things at the same time, the opportunity for distraction is relatively high.

It is very interesting! ! How do you think about subtitles?


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