False news?No content news?Wasting time watching 24 Hours unlimited replay news

News no content

Purely complaining posts~~~~~

Taiwan’s news has entered a very strange circle for many years, which makes people understand

With 24 hours of newscasting, at least 2/3 of the content is played repeatedly.

The rest is not political news or negative news. Now, reporters don’t know what news to look for.

It’s okay to go with the flow anyway, and we don’t have the pressure to do it.

Furthermore, it is politics to talk about programs. Are these really important? ? Is it what the people need?

Can I have any help for the public when I eat or watch? It’s just that the TV station thinks these people are watching, so they have to make it.

News is not a medium that should bring more knowledge to the public and understand the pulse of society.

Everyone knows that the eyes should be farther away, but watching Taiwan’s news is really limited.

In addition to knowing the bickering of politicians, and the absurdity of the entertainers

The content of positive energy is really incomparable, except consumption or consumption.

For modern people, TV or TV news is really not a necessary source of content.

In the era of this information explosion, as long as the information content of the Internet is not visible, it cannot be found.

Then what can you bring them? ?

How can the country progress and develop, and the eyes will be stuck.

Under the result of internal consumption and struggle, it is better for personal interests or for the improvement and growth of the overall people!


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