Has the throat been stuck in a fishbone? Do you have it? But I still eat fish.

Is there any experience in getting stuck in the fishbone?

This is a memorable memory. For a while, I don’t like to eat fish, even if there is no fishbone.

If you remember correctly, it is dinner on a certain day in elementary school. There is a plate of fish on the table. Of course, it is not unexpected.

I don't remember what fish, all the children N years ago.

That night, my dad hurriedly took the locomotive to a nearby hospital to pull the fishbone in the throat. Something was in the throat.

It’s painful to swallow the mouth and water. At that time, I can only cry and cry, and I can’t do anything.

Finally, when the doctor took the same equipment as the pliers and pulled it out of the throat, he was relieved and saw that the root was actually not big.

The fishbone is so uncomfortable and very memorable. Basically, I never thought that such a small fishbone could make people feel so uncomfortable, scared and scared to death. After that time, they didn't like to eat fish.

Many people should have similar experience, and they will never eat fish anymore. Eating fish in Asia is not the same as eating fish abroad. Many foreign countries eat fish after treatment. Basically, they cannot see fish bones, and we eat A lot of fish are cooked all over.
It is very important to be careful and careless!

Although there was such a bad experience, I didn’t know which day I started to eat again. It seems that I forgot to have a fishbone, would it be a very fresh and delicious fish?

Oh! But the milkfish is still a fish that I can't eat without eating. It's too much trouble. The fishbone is really incredible.

The nutrition of fish is still rich, or eat more!


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