How did my brother's wallet come back? ? There is warmth everywhere in the world, and there are still many good people in Taipei!

"Mysteriously returned my brother's wallet"

It all happened at night on 2019/1/6

After drinking my own soup, I went to cut a mother who spent almost 4 hours of hair and went home.

My mom cut a little orange and sat on the sofa in the living room, enjoying the sweet and sour taste.

Suddenly, the electromechanical bell rang ~~! !

After I had a misunderstanding with my mother, I couldn’t think of who would come to visit at this point in time, about 9 o'clock.

Also asked who is coming from the other party? ? Shaking each other

In doubt, the microphone of the walkie-talkie was picked up.

Traditional simple walkie-talkie, sometimes the sound of the downstairs will be very quiet

My mother also listened carefully to the other party’s story, turned to hang the microphone, and said that your brother’s wallet was picked up.

Sent back! !

I am still thinking about what the situation is, change clothes, ready to go downstairs!

(The inner OS won’t go down, something strange happens.)

The moment I went downstairs to open the door, I was nervously opened by the neighbors to scare me -_-||

Looking to the rear, I saw a gentleman wearing a hard hat riding a locomotive.

I said to one of them is XXX. His wallet is gone, I am picked up, I saw that there is an address and I sent it over.

I only introduced myself to say that I am his elder brother. Where did you get it?

He said that he saw the wallet that my brother had fallen when riding a bicycle in front of the Xinyi branch, and he happened to be off duty.

When he got off work, he just saw the wallet that fell in front of him. I wanted to say that I would go back to the record.

Waiting for someone to find my phone call and so on? But he thought about having an address, and it was too much trouble after those processes.

Just sent it directly to help me, let me quickly call and confirm with my brother.

And the time of this incident is probably less than an hour in half an hour.

I was sent back to the [police] who was wonderfully kindly off work! !

When he called my brother, he was still thinking about where it was, or did not bring it out at all.

After he talked to him about the causes and effects, he laughed. It’s really lucky to take it back soon.

Even a wallet would fall off like this, and it would be picked up by the police in front of the police station.

I also admire my brother.... I am also fortunate that I have not lost any documents in it.

After all, it’s a very troublesome thing to make up, it’s going through a lot of formalities.

I really appreciate the [policeman] who just got off work and lived nearby.

Of course, whether it is this factor or not, I believe that most people are picking up wallets with documents.

Will be sent to the police station with empathy or can contact the lost owner! !

No matter which person has lost such an important item, it must be very nervous and overwhelmed.

In fact, the conclusion is that you should pay attention to your own personal belongings and check a lot. Don’t worry if you don’t lose it, right?


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