The last day of 2018 and the first day of 2019! Funny day?

2019 Happy New Year!

How did you end the last day of 2018? ! How did it arrive on the first day of 2019?

In fact, this festival, which was made into a holiday, happened in the last ten years. At the earliest time, Taiwan did not have the atmosphere of January 1.

Especially after the completion of Taipei 101, the annual fireworks are expected. In the past few years, when the wind said that it was necessary to stop the fireworks, the whole people would collapse. Now Taipei 101 New Year's fireworks has become a famous landscape in the world, and it is also a prosperous world that can attract many tourists to Taiwan to participate in, can not stop casually!

Yep! I ran out of the theme again. (Writing an idea about Taipei 101 fireworks)

It is not easy to be in Taipei on the last day of 2018. Basically, I will see where the old man wants to spend the New Year. After all, there is an elder of January 1st birthday. We really have no choice in small.

This time, I helped my elders to have a birthday in advance, and I returned to Taipei early. The only thing I thought of was a good rest and sleep. The birthday activities in my hometown really consumed too much physical energy. Discomfort, leading to the last day of 2018, my parents went out to meet with friends and asked me if I couldn’t go, I couldn’t afford any interest.

Because I am already uncomfortable to explode, headache + stomach pain + general weakness + no appetite, just want to lie down and take a rest.

So, the last day I spent at home alone.

And the miserable thing is that I want to sleep and still can't sleep. I have been awake until I watched it for dozens of seconds, and it was the first day of 2019.

The dazzling smog on the Taipei 101 fireworks was still unclear. I had to use the mass-mailing function of the chat software APP to send a happy New Year’s picture to my friends!

It’s such a fun time to spend the New Year’s Eve, isn’t it funny? Hahaha

I hope everyone can have a happy year, no matter what the storm, happy kids! !


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