Muzha Zhinan Temple - thousands of steps on the mountain trail,legs are still not broken

Zhinan Temple - thousands of steps on the mountain trail

I heard that my friend said that I had this pro-mountain trail.

Otherwise, going to the Zhinan Temple is not to think of taking a cable car 

or mass transit and driving.

I didn’t even think about climbing the mountain to go to this thing
 (agreeing to raise the hand)

Usually not exercising

When you look at it, the name is [thousands of steps] pro-mountain trail

The footsteps are suddenly a bit soft

I really want to retreat, but everyone in the industry has to go.

How can I be looked down on it~! (Let's take a look at me)

I have to say that this trail is well organized.

Very flat, there will be no pitted ground

The trail is still gentle

After a ladder, there is a flat road to go.

There are many Japanese-style sculptures along the road.

In the daytime, there is a lot of atmosphere on the trails with shades on both sides.

It should be a bit scary at night.

This kind of inattention on the stone wall is really invisible.

Are about to merge

Take the road to see this little ring

Take the bus to the Zhinan Temple and get off here.

It used to be bustling here.

Seeing this step is very close to the Zhinan Temple.

The step in front of the guide palace is the steepest section.

If you are walking around the mountain, you can finish it within 40 minutes.

For people who are not so many sports

Is a good option! !


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