Raohe Street Night Market-Chen Dong Ribs stewed in medicinal herbs-Be regarded as hangover soup

Chen Dong Ribs stewed in medicinal herbs

There are three store of ribs stewed in medicinal herbs on Raohe Street Night Market, 
which has been open for a long time.

Basically, I want to eat which one to see the mood of the day.

Each one has a slightly different taste, look at your personal preferences!

This time, I chose Chen Dong ribs stewed in medicinal herbs, 
mainly it is the most convenient。

Don't walk into the battlefield inside Raohe Street Night Market.

Secondly, I haven’t eaten Chen Dong for a long time.

Don't really remember what it tastes, just come and eat.

These ribs stewed in medicinal herbs store are basically all set up in Raohe Street.

Only Chen Dong is near the location of Songshan Road and Bade Road.

There is also a storefront.

Relatively speaking, it is much more convenient when you don’t want to go in and squeeze people.

Especially in the case of singing and drinking with friends on the same day.

I want to drink some hot soup~

I don’t want to go that far.

Must be a good choice

Take the ribs stewed in medicinal herbs directly as a hangover soup to drink... hahaha

Walking close to the store door, you can smell the strong Chinese medicine stew.

The menu is very simple, basically three

 Ribs stewed in medicinal herbs , lamb stewed in medicinal herbs , Braised pork rice.

I saw the big pot of broth that was cooked for a long time and drooled.

Order a bowl of hot steamed  ribs stewed in medicinal herbs.

Usually they will provide sauce (each store has different taste, bean paste sour sauce blending?)

I am a saucer, I used to use meat sauce when I was eating.

There is also a style like my friend who does not drink sauce.

This soup is thicker and the taste of Chinese medicine is more obvious.

The weight of the ribs is also quite a lot

But this store can't add soup.

It is not like other stores that have the ability to add soup services!

Overall, it is very suitable for a bowl of hot soup after drinking the wine that day.

When the weather is cold, you can warm up by the way.


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