Da'an,Taipei-Dongqu Fenyuan Bingdian (Eastern Ice Store)|Summer Ice,Winter Hot Soup-MRT Zhongxiao Dunhua

↠Dongqu Fenyuan Bingdian (Eastern Ice Store)↞

Count it, I have only eaten it 2-3 times.
I have heard about it for a long time before I went there. I was deeply impressed by having a Taiwanese friend who lives in China. When he returned to Taipei, he especially wanted to go to eat and went to visit it.

There are really a lot of people waiting in line for the usual meal time.
I also specially chose to have lunch time this time, I don’t think I have to wait long queues.
Sure enough, the choice is wise.

This is the menu for all ingredients
If you choose, if you have selective obstacles, you will be in trouble.
Every one is NT$60, no matter hot or ice!

I really didn't eat the hot sweet soup, I can only try it when I have a chance.

Pick a beautiful day in winter.

See the red introduction signboard above

Which other TV station has not been interviewed? ?

If there is a lot of people in the in-store dining space,
The seat still has to wait!
You can sit 20-30 people by visual inspection.

Ice Douhua + Three Ingredients
[Tapioca - Coix Seed - Red Bean]
It’s called the East District’s pink circle, and the pink circle is still a little bit to give a face.
The taste is not too sweet, the bean flower feels ordinary
The amount of ingredients is still sincere

You can add sugar and ice cubes in front of the dining area.
This is half eaten with ice.
Basically, I will not deliberately go to the Eastern District, unless it is just nearby.
On the one hand, I am also eating less iced food now.
Every time I think of the Eastern District, I eat ice.


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