The last one in the world! Determine the extinction: If it is you?

The last one in the world! Achatinella apexfulva "Lonely George" 14 years old lonely and old

I saw this news today. I have never known that there are snails of this kind before this.
But it is ironic to think about the disappearance of this species.
Earlier, its companions had passed away, leaving only one person alone.
It can also be regarded as the extinction caused by human beings. In the original living environment, there is no problem. For the other natural enemy, its extinction has brought its demise.
Will we bring our own demise one day in the future? ? Although everyone will say [protecting the environment everyone is responsible], but how many people really do it!

When I saw this news, I thought of the environment as just a part.

What is more curious is another thought. If there is really one day, what is happening when there is really only one person left in the world? Like [Lonely George]

Will you be unable to withstand loneliness, no one can talk, no need for current technology, no need to go online, no need to worry about the relationship between people, after all, the most complicated is people!

As long as I can find a way to survive alone, this is a terrible imagination~ at least I can't do it.

And human beings are forgetful, how long this news can be forgotten, and even how many people have never seen this news.


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