Chinese New Year's Traditional Series,Preliminary Eve-one day before Lunar New Year's Eve

What are we doing at Preliminary Eve? ?

The New Year is a day for everyone to reunite, and it is also a bunch of things to do.Especially from 1 to 2 days before New Year’s Eve, we will start preparing all the supplies needed for the New Year.However, there are a lot of things that are also very time-consuming.
Little New Year's Eve is the night before New Year's Eve~~
In the evening, according to tradition, we are going to worship the gods, that is, the Jade Emperor.

The time of worship depends on the time of the lunar calendar to decide which time is the best time to worship.Every year will be a little different, but because in recent years, it has been simplified as much as possible and the elderly are not allowed to wait too long.There are some adjustments to the rest, otherwise if you only worship in the early morning, everyone may fall asleep.

The annual chicken, duck, and pork are basically no shortage, so it’s like this.Fortunately, now, after communicating with the elders, try to use biscuits and fruits to worship.
Only reduce the original should be 5 → 3 → 2 next year
This is the result that has been achieved after years of communication and resistance.
Especially in the countryside, most of the elderly still hope to follow the traditions of the past, so they must communicate more.
After all, sincerity is also more important, I believe that God can understand.

Process: three fragrances per person → wait for 5-10 minutes after all thanks, pour the wine (repeated three times) → tell Tiangong to ask for a new year after the roll (茭) → burn gold paper (large sheet to small sheet) ) → The remaining incense is taken out and burned (put in with gold paper) → Firecrackers

It takes about 1 to 1 and a half hours to complete all the time! ! !


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