Chinese New Year's Traditional Series,First Day of Lunar New Year-Temple Worship

First Day of Lunar New Year

I have experienced the day of New Year's Eve and the entertainment at night (in fact, there is no show on New Year's Eve).
I don’t want to get up in the morning, but the outside world is full of people.This is the most exciting day of the year in the old village. The car in the morning is full of the only avenue in the village.
People come and go, congratulate each other, and lively and extraordinary. Fortunately, everyone is now environmentally conscious.Otherwise, the sound of firecrackers is completely unbreakable, and they want to drive them away.

The largest temple in the entire village, worshipping Guan Gong.

It is also the first stop today!

The lantern on the top of the head is still very New Year’s feeling, and the only place to see the most red color.

The oil rice provided in the temple, red jujube tea is very delicious! Every time it is emptied

The second station, the stone mother, is closer to the roadside

The third stop, the Land Temple, is also the last stop.
Every year, you have to go through this order.
In fact, when I was young, I felt that it was annoying to go through this every year. What is the point? Of course, I don’t respect the gods.
I just want to sleep a little more. When I grow up, I actually feel that apart from worshipping God, I am actually a family member who can walk around together. It’s also a bit of a legacy, although many of the traditions are slowly lost now.

But when it can continue, let's continue!


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