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↠Qin Wei Guan Restaurant-Northwest Cuisine↞

The name of the store written on the Pita Bread(泡饃) is [秦Qin]
The use of this Pita Bread(泡饃) is explained below.

It was a very temporary decision on the day to eat [秦味館Qin Wei Guan]
Therefore, even if I didn’t book a reservation, I went directly to the restaurant.
Still thinking about it that Sunday, and it’s raining.
No such exaggeration, there will be no place.
Obviously we are wrong, we really have no reservations, no location (Sad)
The mood is the same as the darkness of this sky

I silently looked at the counter in the window.
Didn't you have a chance to eat this time? ? ?
Just thinking about the next moment.....Deng Dengdeng

The service staff said that if you feel OK, you can sit at the table in front of the door.
Yeah....It's not bad luck today.
Although not as warm inside, but have something to eat.

Appetizer (free)
Absolutely not because of the reason we are sitting in front of the door (finger in the circle)

Rarely will use two kinds of green vegetables to fry a plate

After ordering [羊肉泡饃Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup], the service staff will first come up to the left side of the photo.To tear the guest's own hand, the suggestion is that the smaller the tear, the better.
At that time, they have to take it back to make the finished product [Pita Bread Soaked in Lamb Soup]

There are a lot of ingredients in it, and the lamb is also very big.
Have a good taste of eating meat

Pork ribs and dozens of spices are reproduced
Very solid and rich fragrance
Not too dry

→新疆葫蘆頭 ←
It’s actually a pig intestine, but the taste is very wonderful.
There will be an illusion not like a pig intestine

→油潑麵 ←
Oil splash noodles
There are no other ingredients in it, only diced green onion
The oil below has a strong pepper flavor
Eaten the tongue and numb

→Mongolian fried milk tofu ←
This dessert is delicious, recommended
Although it is sprinkled with a lot of powdered sugar, it is not very sweet.
Inside is cheese, thick milky

If you don't eat spicy, don't worry.
Their dishes can be made not spicy
This time, because there are so many people who don’t eat spicy food, it’s a pity that there is no way to eat the original flavor.
Complete flavor. But this is still delicious.
In addition: it is best to make an appointment! !


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