Breeze Xinyi-Fun 飯 Bar Station,Modern Chinese Cuisine | Eyes to eat? Or mouth?

↠Fun 飯 Bar Station,Modern Chinese Cusine↞

Close my eyes and choose to go to this restaurant for lunch.

In fact, this day is 2018/12/31, there are too many people.

There are queues everywhere, and when I arrive, 

my family has already queued up to wait for the table.

The lucky index is also full this day.

I have never eaten this restaurant anyway, and the decor looks very luxurious.

When did the Chinese restaurant make the Fashion?

At first glance, I don’t think that this would be a Chinese meal.

Even if I checked the Internet the day before, what kind of restaurant type is there?

Very fresh

Fortunately, you don’t have to wear a suit and tie.

Otherwise I will be blocked at the door.

→Saut ě ed Minced Shrimps Served lettuce(4 Servings) ←
 then four people are about one person a quantity

Shrimp is eaten to the elastic taste!

Fun BAR Appetizer Combo ↔ Drunk chicken,salad dish,Hongkong style sausage and liver sausage

→Fresh vegetables salad with sesame sauce←

The sauce is sesame sauce and a bit like japan style flavored, 
and the waiter will pour the sauce into the mix when it is served.

Big pot dishes, as the name suggests, are full of dishes.

→Wok Sauteed Leek Flower with black beans←

Very delicious dish, slightly spicy

Basic standard

→Steamed Thread Rolls Served Condensed Milk←


Personally, it is not recommended. 
The top of the bean cake is too much, 
which makes the taste too dry. 
The squid is tender but has been robbed by the bean cake.

The fish has eaten a lot of bean cakes.

Summary: Most of the dishes are ok at this time. 
They are very special and heart-warming on the plate. 
It is very suitable for taking photos,
but I personally think that unless you have a specific holiday or date, 
I should not want to go.


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