The importance of Taipei 101 New Year's fireworks for Taipei sightseeing

Taipei 101 New Year's Fireworks and Sightseeing

Unprofessional analysis time:

I still remember that there was a news a few years ago that the Taipei 101 fireworks had to be suspended. Because there were no sponsors and other reasons, everyone began to feel uneasy. Is it necessary to end the fireworks in the New Year? ?

It has some symbolic meanings for Taiwan, Taiwan's former world's tallest building, and the firing of fireworks on the world's tallest buildings, which can be regarded as one of the world's famous New Year's Day New Year's attractions, and several others will google it.

Of course, it was followed by a smooth and continuous event, and they all breathed a sigh of relief.
I have been in New York for a New Year. It is completely different from Taipei. There is no uninterrupted performance. It’s about 1-2 hours before you have a group of performances. The rest of the time is standing up, everyone’s eyes are wide-eyed. Sliding the mobile phone's sliding phone, wait until the countdown time to see the ball fall down and sprinkle the colored paper, there will be fireworks in the Central Park, but when you are there, you have to go there to see the fireworks are gone.

There are some peripheral effects caused by the fireworks in Taipei 101. In particular, it will attract tourists. It is hard to imagine that there are really no fireworks, and there will be fewer tourists who want to come. Taiwan is actually a place suitable for sightseeing. Whether it is a scenic spot or not, there is no doubt that it is eaten, but there is no way to integrate planning well. Many businessmen or small businesses are only for short-term interests. It hurts reputation and good feelings. It is of course important to make money, but it is helpful to last for a long time, not to blame the government. Of course, the government sometimes has a good place.

On the first day of the new year, it is better to be able to take advantage of the Taipei 101 fireworks home for more than a year! !


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