Singapore Michelin One Star-Hawker Chan Rice ‧ Noodle| Songshan Railway Station - the world's first star hawker

Hawker Chan Soya Sauce Chicken Rice ‧ Noodle

The world's first star hawker,
Received one Michelin star from Singapore for three consecutive years from 2016 to 2018
[Hawker Chan Soya Sauce Chicken Rice ‧ Noodle]
When it first entered Taiwan, it opened its first store in front of Taipei Railway Station.
At that time, I really wanted to try it.
Regardless of whether it is a Michelin star
Because it is [Soya Sauce Chicken Rice] is very interested

For Hong Kong-style roast roast goose roast pork, these are very attractive to me.
Although you can't eat these foods too often (healthy)
But you can’t miss too many times when you pass by.
I have to eat it once and then I am right.
It just opened a branch in Songshan Railway Station, which is very close to me.
It’s not necessary to have long queues like in the past.
Basically don't have to wait
As long as it is delicious, this hawker-like meal
I think this is good.
Waiting sometimes it will lose the expectation of food
Return to simple and simple food

Soya Sauce Chicken Rice
The original oil chicken rice is the one that does not contain this half egg! !
This half came completely accidental, my friend gave me
Don't ask the service staff~~ Remember

The overall weight is just right, not too much
If you have a large amount of food, you should consider it.
After eating, almost the stomach will not be full.
Soya Sauce Chicken is not bad, a bit fat but not greasy
Soft and tender, fragrant
The sauce is not too salty
It’s a pity to roast pork, it can be thicker, a bit ordinary
I didn’t try the barbecue pork. I accidentally changed to burnt meat.
Have the opportunity to try
Soya Sauce Chicken rice is signboard

If you haven’t eaten it, you can try it.
Not necessarily the choice to go.


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