Wasting food! ? I hate to see that the food can't be eaten and then dumped

Wasted food will be condemned

Is there an impression that when I was young, I often heard my parents say that I can’t waste food?

The rice in the bowl should be eaten clean. It is the rice that the farmer has planted very hard.

I am afraid to keep a meter down when I am young.
But after growing up, I found that many of them were in conflict with what I thought.

I saw a lot of behaviors that I couldn’t stand, so I was quite tangled sometimes.
In this era, the average person will not have enough to eat.
Except for some people who are struggling, there will be no malnutrition in the past, but they will worry about excessive diet.

When people's material conditions rise, the mode of thinking will change. The requirements for food are different from the past, and they will pick good food and eat good.

If you eat something that is not good or if you don't have an appetite, you may discard it directly. If you eat too much, it will happen. I think this is a wasteful act.

Everyone has the idea of ​​asking for better quality, nothing wrong, but the premise is not to do wasteful things.

On the one hand, this earth is so big, there are so many resources, the number of people is still rising, and the resources of food will definitely be tested.

On the other hand, there are many people who have nothing to eat in this society. Even if they are not in their own country, they are also heard in other countries.

It's like cooking at home, cooking less, eating almost, even if it's a little bit worse, but cooking too much, unless you can eat overnight dishes, otherwise the food will be thrown away. Can only say pity!

When I was eating out, I saw a lot of people want to eat, but after I found out, I found that I couldn’t finish it too much, but now many people are not willing to pack food to go home. Some people can’t use the kitchen at home or lazy again. Hands-on processing is possible.

Just like my family does not like to eat overnight dishes, I feel that it has an impact on health and food nutrients have been lost, it is only that I silently finished eating the food.

Really think how much you eat, as long as it is not broken, it will not waste food.

You don't need to eat to eat when you eat, just eat an eight-point full. Protect the earth and cherish resources

These foods are really hard to come by, if not for the hard-working farmers! !


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