XinDian,Bitan Scenic Area, there is a feeling of going for the first time! The scenery is good for dating walks

Bitan Scenic Area-River Scenery

Bitan is a place that is often seen and heard.
But in memory, there is no memory of what I have been to.
It also made me a little surprised!

The most dumbfounded is that I went to the MRT XinDian station for two consecutive days last year.
I don’t know if it’s already Bitan.
I feel exaggerated @@What is wrong?

I was very lucky to meet with it in the perfect weather.
The sun and the breeze
Even in January, I don’t feel cold (warm winter)
I still feel hot even in the sun.

The famous suspension bridge
I finally saw its deity.
There are many, many swan boats

In the distance, I saw some couples who loved being on the swan boat.
Never say envy!
Are there athletes who are practicing dragon boating? !

I can feel less crowded on weekdays.
Not so many tourists are screaming in the ear
Can quietly look at the river and the scenery
Have a cup of tea or coffee

Relaxing spirit and stress.
The mood will be better.
Watching the beauty calm down and enjoy.
Just like entering a special space.
No need to go to the accidental face.
Is a paradise.

It is a pity that there is a party at night, there is no way to stay here to see the evening of Bitan.
I only saw a little sunset
I believe it will have another flavor at night.


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