Taipei City Hall Square,2019 Taipei Light Festival Banquet,Luminarie Light Sculpture Show

Taipei Luminarie

In front of Taipei City Government Square, Yixian Road to Guangfu South Road
Held a light sculpture show, a wonderful start before the Taipei Lantern Festival begins.

Later, I discovered that I was confusing it with the Taipei Lantern Festival. It was totally different.
When someone asked me to go to the Taipei Lantern Festival, I thought it was this, dumbfounded.
Look down and use my mobile phone to check.

First declare that I have not walked from the head to the tail. It was Sunday when I went there. People are really too many.
After walking to Yixian Road, I didn’t go to the front of the city government to see the light sculpture show.
Is it looking at people or watching light carvings? ? Unclear

"Luminarie" originated from Italy and is a masterpiece of three-dimensional dream space with wooden structures and bulbs of various colors. After the earthquake in Hanshin, Japan, it became the annual representative event of the Osaka Memorial Hanshin Earthquake. In the year, it attracts 3 to 5 million visitors every year. Now, without going abroad, you can enjoy such international art creations in Taiwan!

The "2019 Taipei Light Festival" was designed by Daniel Monteverde, the same Italian designer at Kobe Festival, using 233,990 LED bulbs to create a 300-meter-high, 20-meter-high gallery that is gorgeous and spectacular. The majestic feast of light. "Hope. Better" brings new hope to the new year!

The whole road looks really very conspicuous at night, and it is very foreign.
Only use LED bulbs of different colors to build this gallery, gorgeous and spectacular
If no one walks around, I think that I walked into the time tunnel or a red carpet that is my own.
This way, it is also refreshing, subverting the performance of traditional lanterns.
But I haven’t seen the lanterns for many years, mainly because I don’t like people crowding people.

Very suitable for walking slowly and enjoying the night under the lights. 
However, it is a pity that only a short period of two weeks!

The location of the larger main body is the front square of the city government. I watched it from a distance and matched the Taipei 101 lighting next to it.It also has a flavor. This combination is very good! ! !


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