Tongluo Miaoli,Fire-cracker Vine trail - environmental park, beautiful flower sea

 Fire-cracker Vine Trail - Large Flower Sea and People

Every year of the Chinese New Year
As long as you pass through the Tonglu Industrial Zone, you can see a large flower sea.
With people everywhere

Because of this, basically every time just passes by
Did not get off the bus to appreciate the idea
Otherwise, I don’t know if I’m looking at flowers or people.

On the way back to the day of the third day of the Jinjiu Jiuhua Mountain
It’s already 4-5 pm, the sky is getting darker.
The sky is not so beautiful
The crowd is gradually dissipating

Get off the bus
Is the first time in years
I don’t even believe in myself.

The park is facing a river
Although the amount of water is not as good as before
The view is very open
It’s more comfortable when the weather is good.

One place opposite is my grandfather's house.
Take a telescope still can't see.

In fact, I return to my grandfather's house every year.
Can see the cannon flower in front of the garage door
It is also the most visible small attraction in the whole village.
I still remember that the whole family would be there together many years ago.
Missing people after leaving
Everyone has gradually lost this enthusiasm.
Just stay in the memory.

Through this small tunnel
What did you see?
That's right~ still full of Fire-cracker Vine

In addition to the Fire-cracker Vine, there are cherry blossoms here.
So when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you can come here.

A blooming cannon flower and cherry blossoms that are waiting for the moment to bloom
There is also a style


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