China,Bao Shifu Pineapple cake-Is the pineapple cake from Beijing delicious?

Beijing Bao Shi Fu Pineapple Cake

The origin of this pineapple cake is quite fun.
Why do I say this! ?
My family went to Beijing with their friends for a trip to Beijing.
And the Chinese friends gave a gift when they visited my family.
This is the pineapple cake

This looks like a hot shop in China in recent years.
Named [Bao shifu]
Seriously, I have never heard of this store before going to China.

After all, Taiwan’s most famous is the pineapple cake.
Where will I pay attention to what I have done there?
So when my family received this gift,
The friend who was gone together laughed half dead
Do you not know if the pineapple cake is from Taiwan?

When this box of pineapple cake was brought back to Taiwan
I am also a little surprised.
What is the status of coming back from China with pineapple cakes?
Later, I checked the Chinese brand that was quite red.
Still line up the famous store?
There is also a fluffy bread and the like.
(It’s terrible to bring it back)

There are six in a box
I don’t know the price.
Gift so it is priceless

Valid for 20 days
It should be similar to Taiwan

There is just one Jiade pineapple cake left in the house (Taiwan line up with the gift)
Also sent by friends
It’s the size of the comparison.
But one thing is square, one is made of rectangle

It’s also interesting to see this line of small prints.
100% pure Taiwan craft
Featured Taiwanese Pineapple

Normal appearance
But the aroma is not that enough
Easy to get rid of debris when taken out

After cutting, it is true that the pineapple pulp fiber is seen.
The cake on top is too thick
Pineapple stuffing is a little less
Fruit filling is not very sweet but there is no pineapple flavor
Plus the powder on the outside, it tastes a bit dry.
I have tasted it, my words should not be bought.

The conclusion is that Taiwan pineapple cake is more delicious! ! 


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