Memory about the Ming Sing Floral Water - its aroma represents a memory

Ming Sing Floral Water 

Have you ever smelled a scent somewhere, but you are so familiar?
But I didn’t think about it right away, but I remembered it in the next second.

One of the impressions is the toilet fragrance, which itself should not be such a bad smell.
But it’s too deep. When every toilet is using a similar smell, it’s like it’s tied to the toilet.
As long as the smell is like a toilet, even if it is a place that is not a toilet
Smell a similar smell, the first impression would think that this is not a toilet fragrance
Gradually it became a memory for the toilet!

A few days of news appeared, evoking some memories of the past, although it is not a daily necessities for me.
Or, for most people nowadays, they are not the ones that are usually used. The products that young people born in 1990 will rarely know, are [Ming Sing Floral Water ].

It was discontinued at the end of 2018. The main reason is that the old machines and the spice factories are not available, but it is impossible to see if they can reproduce them. The opportunity to accept this statement and the psychological preparation to recover basically is also very small. Does it have any effect? Maybe not, there will be other products that can be replaced, but sometimes it is not a better effect and function, it is that feeling.

This irreplaceable emotional link, even if I didn't buy it, but at least you know that there is still a chance to smell this fragrance somewhere. That idea is the main reason, it seems that there is one less thing in life. .

Turning over the memories of the past, the most impressive thing about it is that when I was a child, when I went back to my grandparents’ home, I saw this bottle of [Ming Sing Floral Water ]. The green bottle was so conspicuous that it was difficult to see it without paying attention. It was in that year. It is also a kind of perfume. Even if it is occasionally seen in the toilet, there is no toilet fragrance that makes people feel awkward.

Is its smell very good? It is not, there are all kinds of fragrances and perfumes, but it is impossible to replace its status. It reminds me of the days in the country, and the most important grandmother who is no longer there! Is it the reason why I can't forget it?


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